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4th of July Activities

The Tofte Town Board decided to cancel all activities related to the 4th of July, including fireworks.


Notice of regularly scheduled township meeting on June 11, 2020

Due to the Peacetime Emergency declared by Governor Walz under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 12, the Health Pandemic that is COVID-19 as labeled by the Center for Disease Control, and the stay-at-home-order as declared by Minnesota Executive Order 20-20, the following meeting shall be conducted entirely through teleconferencing or other electronic means.  If the public wishes to listen to and/or participate in the meeting the public should use this resource which is also posted on the township website (

Tofte Township June Meeting



Tofte Cemetery Annual Notice

The Tofte Clerk, Kay Burkett, must be contacted before any burial at the Tofte Cemetery or any other questions on the Cemetery.   See the Tofte Cemetery policy on  The Clerk can be contacted on personal cell at 218-401-0229 or via email address of 


Tofte Park & Town Hall Rental Annual Notice

The Town of Tofte rents out both the Town Hall and Tofte Town Park, which is especially popular with wedding groups, reunions and family-friend gatherings. 

Please contact the Town Clerk Kay Burkett to ask about a specific date on her personal cell 218-401-0229 or via email at Your reservation isn't confirmed until receipt of application and payment.   The rental application can be found on the town’s website under the park and hall rental tab.  


A Little History

Tofte township was founded by twin brothers, John and Andrew Tofte and brothers Torger and Hans O. Englsen. They arrived in 1893, sailing from their home of Tofte in the Halsnoy district of Norway. They originally chose Carlton for the settlement, after nearby Carlton Peak, but the name was in use. The Toftes and Engelsons commercially fished Lake Superior. The North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum on the east side of Bluefin Bay is a replicate of the twin fish houses the brothers built after the colossal late autumn storm of 1905 ruined their first fish house.

In 1899 Edward Toftey arrived and opened up a sawmill, employing 25 men. The entire operation and most of the town were lost in a forest fire in 1910. Descendants of all three families have kindly shared artifacts, pictures and relics which are all on display at the museum


TOWN OF TOFTE COMMUNITY PLAN NOVEMBER 2015 - click here for a copy



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